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Andy Leung

Artist, songwriter, DJ, producer, contemporary composer, multi-instrumentalist, designer and technology founder of

Andy has been featured on BBC Television and Radio, as well as reviews on Hype Machine and also performed in Europe’s best live venues and festivals, including Jazz Café, Koko, Bestival, Outlook and Southbank.

Text/call: +44 7403 931915
Facebook Messenger:

Max Sleigh

An independent musician, presenter, songwriter, performer and producer of original Chinese and English songs, filmmaker and director of music videos. 3/4 British, 1/4 Chinese, learned Cantonese from his grandma, and Mandarin at university.

He has performed and presented in many iconic venues, including London’s Trafalgar Square. Featured on Chinese and International TV channels, including CCTV, Phoenix TV, London Live, Zhejiang TV, Jiangsu TV and Hunan TV, as well as working alongside Maggie Cheung and Nicholas Tse.

Instagram: @maxsplyx

Erik Chou

Producer (aka chammonbabea), songwriter, DJ, vocalist and stylist.

Instagram: @chammonbabea

Will Li

Will Li, British-born Chinese pop singer – also known as Dr Li. Graduated with a degree in Medicine, he can literally bring you back to life with his voice!

He has performed in iconic venue such as Trafalgar Square as well as the finalist of the European final of The Voice China.

Instagram: @drwili

Elton Leung

Session guitarist – from classical to contemporary music. Elton has performed in iconic venues and occasions including – London Trafalgar Square, London O2, London Fashion Week, The Lord Mayor’s Show and has been featured on BBC Television.

He was also credited as guitarist in the 2017 movie WuKong (over USD100M box office) and frequently involved in television drama music productions.

Instagram: @eltonchleung
YouTube :